Fully Self Evaporating Portable Air Conditioner Benefits

What are the benefits of buying a fully self evaporating portable air conditioner unit compared with a regular free standing unit? Are they really less hassle and more economical?

Let's take a look at this newer breed of compact size free standing air cooler that could just end up saving you money as well as a lot of fiddling around with water trays and cleaning up spilled water!

What is a Self Evaporating Air Conditioning Unit?

self evaporating portable air conditionerThis is a specially modified AC that re-uses the moisture that is condensed out of the air being cooled during the air refrigeration process inside the unit.

Some models re-condense the moisture and expel it straight out of the room through the exhaust vent pipe. Others use the condensing moisture to assist with the chilling process before expelling, thereby increasing the unit's efficiency and ultimately lowering the energy usage and saving on the cost of power.

To understand what benefits one of these types of AC unit will provide, let's first look at one of the downsides to a regular portable unit.

Doing Away with the Water Collection Tray

Most non-evaporating ACs simply catch the condensing moisture as it drips in a water tray or bucket attached to the lower part of the unit's body. This receptacle needs to be periodically emptied manually by the owner, which is a chore that most would rather not need to perform.

Often, the container fills to its limit and either causes the unit to automatically turn itself off, or it overflows causing a puddle of water to grow on the floor. While a tiled floor can easily be mopped, a carpet or rug will suffer some water damage if this is allowed to occur multiple times.

Emptying the tank is generally simple enough with most models where the container slides out and can then be detached and taken to a suitable waste receptacle such as a kitchen sink and emptied. Refitting the container is the reverse of removing it and once it is back in place the AC can be turned on again and normal cooling resumed.

The Major Benefits

Self evaporating units do away with this chore by not requiring a water catching container, since they don't actually need one.

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fully self evaporating air conditioners on saleAs well as enabling owners to skip this task, it also allows for continuous, uninterrupted cooling that occurs with regular units as the container reaches its water capacity.

In addition to these two major benefits, portable self evaporating air conditioner units also have a third important one:

This is the increased economy obtained from the higher efficiency levels attained through the reuse of the condensed moister to assist in the cooling process.

By reducing the load on the refrigeration process, less power is used making these units more economical than their regular counterparts. That converts to a saving in energy bills when running one of these devices compared to a regular portable air conditioning unit of similar size and power output.

While some would-be purchasers may be put off by the slightly higher purchase price of self-evaporation coolers, the clever shopper will recognize the longer-term benefits of lower energy bills that will, over time, offset the higher price ticket and lead to a greater saving overall.

Alternative Economical Cooling

There are of course lower-cost alternatives to using air conditioning appliances to keep you cool in the hot months of the year. One option is the evaporative or swamp cooler.

This type of cooler is commonly advertised as a portable ventless air conditioner, but it is not a true AC at all. It works by evaporating moisture and humidifying the room with cooled, moist air and thus doesn't use very much electricity in the process (as little as 50-200 watts is typical).

This type of evaporative cooler only work in dry climates. So if you live in a dessert area, you're in luck. You can have low cost cooling and not feel guilty for wasting energy!

However, if you live in a humid climate, don't waste your money. This is because this type of cooler will not produce cool air in high humidity.

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