Do you need a new air conditioning system installed in your home or office? Perhaps your existing installation needs servicing or repair. We can help!

As with all mechanical appliances no matter how well built or level of quality, constant use can cause things to start wearing out over time and AC systems are no different. But when they are regularly serviced and professionally maintained, they can continue providing you with first class service over a long and productive life span.

The great thing about having a regular HVAC maintenance contact is you can have peace of mind that the system that keeps your home or workplace at a comfortable temperature all year round will keep working when you need it most and will not let you down through negligence!

AC Repair Services

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Air Conditioning Repair Service: Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach FL
Free Service Calls with Repair for New And Existing Customers!

We are now offering a free air conditioning diagnosis with repair of any residential / commercial (HVAC) air conditioning or heating system and it comes with a 100% A/C SERVICE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

This means "FIXED RIGHT THE FIRST TIME" with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, in writing, for 30 days. Whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied with the air conditioning repair (HVAC) we have provided, we will redo the air conditioning repair with no additional charge.

We have the highest regard for you and your family's safety and comfort so rest assured that prior to the hiring of any air conditioning (HVAC) technician and/or air conditioning duct cleaning technician. We perform drug test, thorough background checks and a driving record check.

same day 24 hr service We offer 24/7 Emergency Service and assure you'll talk to a real live person any time you call. We have an entire on call staff consisting of supervisors, dispatchers and team of technicians able to tend to your needs.

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